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The Granet Museum

The Granet Museum is an art site that is located at the Saint-Jean of Malta in Aix-en-Provence. It was accessible to the public in 1838 and is one of the largest and most renowned museum in the region. The square shows a magnificent and a rich permanent collection of paintings and sculptures, but also temporary paintings.

From 2013, its chapel of the White Penitents, classified as a historical monument, has accommodated the "Granet XX" which brings together several masterpieces breathing airs of modernism. The latter were deposited by the Fondation Planque highlighting the works of Picasso and Kandisky.

The sculpture platform honors ancient creations, including the famous mask of a marble woman created by Francesco Laurana or the famous status of "Woman of Venice III" by Alberto Giacometti. The marble bust in honor of François Marius Granet, which was presented to the Museum in 1895, is also part of the decor.

The gallery exhibits paintings dating from the 14th to the 20th century. Flemish and Dutch compositions of several renowned artists such as Master of Flémalie known by his illustrious "Virgin of Glory" which he painted in 1430, Onofrio Palumbo, Pietro de Cortona, Pierre Puget, Hubert Robert and so many others.

The section dedicated to the art of the XIXth and XXth century recounts the works of artists who are, for the most part, contemporary and chronological. One can quote Jacques Louis David with his famous portrait of a young boy, Maurice Denis, Alberto Giacometti, Balthus and Nicolas de Stael.

However, because of the limited space, the Granet Museum decides to prioritize the temporary exhibitions, more financially enthralling, than on the exhibition of the permanent galleries. In this way, many of the major paintings of Puguet, Guerchin and Piazzetta were reserved within the site.

Come and wander from table to table and discover the passion that animated these artists of the ancient time! Those who are passionate about Art will be more than happy to discern a permanent exhibition of great scope and completeness. Also hold on to a temporary painting of the most rewarding, and why not acquire it if that is your desire?

Be amazed by masterpieces of renaissance, but especially the Provençal ones including those of the painter originally from Aix-en-Provence: the famous Paul Cézanne! Today, the site has another vocation: to open itself to all forms of expression highlighting plastic art and sculpture Celto-Liguria.