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Beaches of Aix en Provence

When you go on holiday, you often have a craving for a scuba diving and benefit from a good swim. Even if it does not possess any beach on its territory, Aix en Provence is a very popular destination. In addition, for those who want to take a dip, it is possible to access nearby beaches in less than an hour.

For example, you can go to the Crown. There you will find three large sandy beaches. They are made for moments of relaxation and fun with family, but also with friends. The access is easy via the motorway and you can find paid parking so that you can park there. Verdon Beach, which is the largest one, also has a beach volleyball court for those who are keen about sports.

But you can also go to Sainte-Croix. You will find a beach lined with pine forest, with a length of 100 meters. The clear water and the 40-meter wide white sand beach are sure to inspire you with awe.

If you go through Aix en Provence for your family holidays, the Lumière beach is for you. The water is shallow, allowing children to fully benefit from it. In addition, this beach still under supervision. You will have nothing to fear.

A pebble beach, certainly, but nevertheless it is very nice, that of Prado extends 280 meters long. It is surrounded by lawns that invite you to relax, but also to practice sport. Football fans can, for example, play a few matches. You do not have to be a complete team in your group of friends, because aboriginals and other visitors will be there to fill your team. There are also refreshments and snacks for those who wish to spend the day there. In addition, playgrounds are available for children.