About us - Legal information

My home in is a French company formed in 2012. My home in is a technical platform allowing owners and tenants to make their reservations online in a secured environment.

Legal entity: My home in SAS

Head office's address: 4 Rue de l'Eglise - 92200 Neuilly sur Seine - France
Contact Email: info@myhomein.fr - Our telephone number is mentioned on each ad displayed on our website.
RCS: 788 865 368 - Equity 100,000€ - VAT Registration Number: FR 10788865368

The brand My home in is a registered trademark. The domain names Myhomein.com is own my the company My home in SAS together with all its local domain names.

The brand Very Dog Trip is a registered trademark, owned and operated by the company My home in SAS. VeryDogTrip.com is also My home in SAS property.

My home in displays on its websites ads made with third party contents. Despite all the control tools set, My home in cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided about the properties displayed since the contents are built by the owner or its representative. Therefore, My home in cannot be held liable for any unconformity between a property and its description.