Cookie policy


This section is dedicated to our cookie policy. We hereby try to provide you with the most details information in order to give you a good understanding of what cookie means. By using cookies, we intend to provide you with the best possible experience while being on our website.

What does cookie mean?

When consulting a website, some information contained in your devise can be read. They allow the website administrator to better understand your expectation through your habits.

What is the aim of placing cookies?

Cookies can be placed with various intentions. Most of the time, it aims to understand the way someone is going to use a website and to register some information about his habits and preferences. This way, when visiting this website for a second time, it is easier to supply the user directly with what's of his/her interest. Cookie also allows to do statistics. It means collecting information such as "what are the most demanding properties, what are the most demanding rental periods, etc".

For how long cookies are kept?

According to law, cookies are valid for a period of 13 months. Once this period ends, they are automatically cancelled. A new agreement will be requested from you in order to install new cookies.

The different type of cookies that can be used

The required cookies - without them, the website cannot be used: these cookies are required for the website to be functional. Without them, it is impossible to access some of the website functionalities. As for example, the log in system.

The cookies implemented for statistic purpose: these cookies allow us to better understand how the users will navigate on our website. This way, we can improve our website functionalities.

Social network cookies: these cookies can be installed when using one of your social network account to log to our website.

Cookie refusal

If you refuse any type of cookies, even the required one, you won't be in a position to use our website. In such a case, we cannot be hold responsible for any issue linked to the impossibility to use its websites.

How should I express my choice?

You can always express your choice regarding cookies. Your choice is expressed in different manner depending on the browser you use. Through your browser, you are free to state clearly which cookies you want to be applied. Each browser works differently. Here is the way to set up your choice for each of them.