Shopping in the Provençales Alleys

Building an ultra-modern neighborhood located just a short walk away from a two-thousand-year-old historic center was already a challenge in itself, but this neighborhood actually sheltering a great open-air shopping center seemed to be an impossible mission. Aix-en-Provence nevertheless managed its bet by implanting in 2007, right next to the historic district of Tanners and the very chic Mazarin neighborhood, the property complex of "Allées Provençales" ( Provençales Alleys ), now a real leisure activity place and an animated space for the Aixois. The Provençales Alleys are in reality anything but a commercial center as conceived for a few decades, that is to say, enclosed spaces on itself, built on the periphery, surrounded by a giant car park. Built on a former wasteland, this new district unfolds on the contrary real pedestrian streets, commercial buildings, services and housing, as well as numerous restaurants. It also benefits from the proximity of two important cultural institutions in Aix, which are also genuine architectural gestures: the Black Pavilion, choreographic center of the Prejlocaj ballet (building designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti), as well as the Grand Théâtre d'Aix- En-Provence (signed by the architects Vittorio Gregotti and Paolo Colao). Another  real city in the city! Aixois, local inhabitants and tourists immediately adopted it. In the first year, no fewer than seven million visitors flocked to discover this new kind of shopping center, which already inspires other French cities. The Provençales Alleys have enabled major French and European brands to establish themselves in Aix-en-Provence, galvanizing the entire sector. You will be able to find there familiar marks, as well of clothes as electrical appliances or objects for the house. Combining cultural discoveries and shopping under the sun of Provence, it is the key to successful holidays, isn’it ?

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