The Vasarely Foundation

The green neighborhood of Jas-de-Bouffan, which had already seen the beginning of the work of the painter Paul Cézanne, has inspired another artist: the Hungarian plastic artist Victor Vasarely, known throughout the world as the creator of optical art. This nonstandard genius did not conceive the art as a solitary activity, and therefore he wanted to share his work with the greatest number of people by building a new kind of place which is called a "polychrome city of happiness", whose aim was to " Fight against the visual nuisance, make more beautiful the artificial environment ". As a result: a building as unclassifiable as its author, an "architectonic" center, that is to say, which brings together the art and architecture, incorporating works of the artist at the same time outside and inside the building. Founded in the 1970s by Victor Vasarely and his wife Claire, this place was thought of as an island of creativity preserved from merchant and political logics, a temple in honor of art, open to all. In addition to the avant-garde frontage of the building, in black and white, you can appreciate the monumental works of the artist. Numerous temporary exhibitions are also presented.

Being true to the spirit that presided over its creation, the center is strongly committed to opening up to all audiences: guided tours are offered, as well as discovery trails for the little ones, workshops during the holidays and many other activities that make the foundation much more than a museum: a real animated space.

During your stay in Aix-en-Provence, do not miss a detour by this amazing place, which will delight young and old alike.

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