In the footsteps of Cézanne

It is impossible to pass by Aix-en-Provence without becoming permeated by the soul of its most famous artist who is none other than the painter Paul Cézanne, who was born there in 1839 and died there in 1906. Three places put the spotlight on life and the works of the man who said he wanted to "astonish the Parisians with an apple" and that finally marked the whole world.

The Atelier des Lauves, located at the north of the city center, on the Lauves hill, is the artist's last workshop. He settled there in 1902 and painted there until his death. Peaceful, bathed in light, the place marks powerfully its visitors. You will discover objects that belonged to the painter, his furniture, his working materials.

You can also go to the bastide of Jas-de-Bouffan. Classified as a historical monument, the bastide and its large park have seen the painter grow, who settled there in 1859 when his father banker bought it from one of his creditors. Cezanne set up a small workshop under the roofs, but he also placed his easel in every corner of the park, where he produced no less than 36 oil paintings and 17 watercolors. If you want to stay close to this place that has inspired one of the greatest geniuses of our country, you can consult our offers of rentals in Aix-en-Provence, in the district of Jas-de-Bouffan. The Bastide is closed for renovation from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018. Cézanne's enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the reopening because it should allow them to discover new rooms, previously closed to the public.

Finally, you can also visit the quarries of Bibémus, on the road to Vauvenargues, another place that particularly inspired the painter. Cézanne rented a small cabin for a few years in the middle of this astonishing mineral landscape, all in ocher and green, cubic before the hour, which has a sumptuous view on the Sainte-Victoire. Warning: you are not allowed to freely visit the site. Contact the tourist office to book a guide.